Friday, November 11, 2016

Ideas for Action: Stiff Resistance From Now Until Inauguration and Beyond

Friends and comrades, the protests that have been mounted against the election of Donald Trump on November 8th have been a beautiful thing. However, we need to do everything in our capacity to make sure that they are not limited in their focus. To the extent that we can stimulate and intervene in the mass motion that these protests represent, we must focus our resistance against the system – the entire settler-colonial, capitalist, imperialist, patriarchal system – and not just against Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and the genocidal far right and their ghastly politics. The liberal consensus that systemically enables unsustainable resource extraction and various forms of human exploitation and oppression, and is now calling for “national unity” and “reconciliation” with these forces is what allows these politics to live and thrive, and must be resisted at all costs.
It is critical that progressive and left forces mount as much non-compliant resistance as possible between now and inauguration day to claim as much space as possible, to set the terms of democratic struggle, to create a measure of defense against pending repression (which is where the system was/is headed regardless), and to make the system ungovernable. This is a path on the road to social transformation that must be waged. It should not be confused with the longer term work of organizing, base building, building alternative institutions and systems, developing left political alignment, and strategy development. That work is yet to be done. But, adaptation and accommodation to the worsening terms and conditions is not a path to survival, not when the stakes are so high – and the stakes are high.
Tactically, given the nature of the pending holiday shopping season and building on the motion and tactics of non-violent civil disobedience that have been employed since 2011, we should consider initiatives that disrupt the flow of capital, interrupt its reproduction, and upend the relations that it depends upon from now till the inauguration. We should build on the tactics that have disrupted transportation routes and which target the logistic clusters that are so vital to capitalism in this day and age (particularly before they are further automated). Let’s be imaginative, creative, and bold.
And remember, there is literally next to nothing about this system that is worth saving.
In Unity and Struggle!

Interview on KPFK Thursday, November 10, 2016 - Organizing for the Future

Discussion with Thandisizwe Chimurenga on Uprising: The Root Work Edition on KPFK Los Angeles Radio.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hard Knock Radio Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 - Pre Election Analysis

Discussion with Davey D on Hard Knock Radio about the impact of the 2016 Federal Elections. "Regardless who wins, the empire will endure. The contest is about who and how the empire will be managed".

Saturday, August 20, 2016

When the Left Takes the City

Michal Rozworski Podcast
Political Eh-conomy Blog

August 17, 2016

This week, the focus is on experience of left parties and organizations at the municipal level. Although the left has still exercised only limited political power in many places since the financial crisis, some cities have seen left projects come to power or build new institutions in interesting ways. My two guests shed light on two examples of municipal socialism in Europe and North America.
First, Yusef Quadura describes the experience of Barcelona en Comu. In 2015, this new left coalition took control of the municipal government in Barcelona. Led by the housing activist Ada Colau, the party did what Podemos couldn’t do nationally and garnered enough support to govern with the intention of implementing a left program, at least at the municipal level. To get a sense of the plans, accomplishments and challenges faced by Barcelona en Comu just over a year into its mandate, I spoke with Yusef, a member Barcelona en Comu’s international group. Yusuf is also part of the party’s co-ordinating committee in the Gracia district, where we met and talked over coffee (excuse the ambient noise), and a substitute counsellor for the Gracia district council.
My second guest is Kali Akuno, a leader within Cooperation Jackson, a municipal organization far beyond just a political party in Jackson, Mississippi. Although the group elected the radical Chokwe Lumumba as mayor of Jackson in 2014 (before he died tragically only a year into his term), electoral politics is only a small, supporting part of Cooperation Jackson’s mission. Kali describes what this network of worker-run cooperatives, party and movement congealed into one is up to and some of challenges it faces.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Short Commentary Reflections on the 2016 RNC/DNC and Electoral Politics

Friday, July 22nd, 2016
The US Left must get prepared to fight on two fronts simultaneously from here on out. On the one hand, we must get prepared to fight the advance of an emergent white supremacy, in its fascist form, which might in fact be even more virulent and violent if Trump doesn't win. And on the other hand, we better get prepared to fight the most aggressive and malicious form of neo-liberal and neo-conservative governance Wall Street can buy, which will be fiercely adverse to any resistance from the left.
Clarity of vision and clarity regarding our position are absolutely needed to chart clear paths of effective, autonomous resistance in the days ahead.
Which conversely means all those who support the DNC and the coronation of HRC are apparently "well adjusted" supporters of the US settler-colonial project and its mission of imperialist conquest and domination.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 
I love how the Corporate media, of both flips of the bourgeois coin, so easily reduce the struggles being waged by Bernie delegates down to psychological issues, particularly issues of "adjustment."

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 
From Candice Rose "Your privileged if you think imperialism is gonna work for you!!"

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 
On the Fascist fear mongering being Waged by the Democrats: We are being asked to fight the threat of Fascism being imposed upon everyone (meaning a larger proportion of white people drawn from the petit bourgeois class and the professional sectors of the working class) within the territories claimed by the US government versus accepting its ACTUAL perpetuation against the colonized, subjugated and exploited people's and classes contained within those same borders (i.e. the overwhelming majority of Indigenous, New Afrikan, Xican@/Mexican@, Borinquen, Hawaiian, etc.).

Let's be clear about the illusion of choice as it relates to the totality of the social relations and social dynamics in this empire. There has never been "democratic space" for some, and only limited "democratic space" for many (ending capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism is not and will not be on a ballot). Weather the right populist wins or the neoliberal warhawk wins, what "democratic space" remains is going to be further restricted, as it has been by all branches of the settler-colonial state since 2001 (and long before).
We must not forget, nor forgive, the constant and utter TERROR that many of us are structurally constrained by and live with every second of our lives out of fear of being fired and made homeless, of being locked down or lynched by a settler mob or the police, or set up, disappeared or assassinated by the FBI, DEA, ATF, Border Patrol, and Homeland Security, and much more at the hands of the bosses and big brother. The promotion of Fear (Trump is the Devil incarnate) or the Glorification of US Imperialism (the police are our heroes and the military is the greatest treasure of the empire) won't absolve the cold reality.
And let's also be honest with ourselves, the strategy of supporting the lesser evil over the past 50 years has only pushed an already reactionary settler-colonial society, further and further to the right. If we are going to do anything to reverse this historic trajectory, revolutionary forces are going to have to do some things we have failed do since the 1950's and 60's, and that is paint a clear picture of an alternative future, organize millions of people to not only to support it, but to autonomously implement its programmatic features, and to fight like hell to overturn the liberal bourgeois order and all its deviations.