Saturday, April 13, 2013

Political Prisoner Radio: Operation Ghetto Storm with Kali Akuno

Political Prisoner Radio recently celebrated its 1 year of existence helping to bring information on our Political Prisoners to the masses. Inviting great guests from great organizations advocating for the release of the victims of COINTELPRO and US oppression of leftist movements. We have talked to those who are former political prisoners but still working to bring about justice and resist oppression in all its forms. Tonight we will hear from two ladies, Sis. Ameejill Whitlock and Sis. Marpessa, who have been a very important part of the program.

Guest Kali Akuno, a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement joins us tonight to discuss Every 36 Hours: Advancing the Organizing Drive for a Peoples’ National Plan of Action for Racial Justice and Self-Determination. Since MXGM issued its report last year on the extra-judicial killing of Black people by law enforcement, security guards and vigilantes every 36 hours, the slaughter has continued unabated. However, if any change is going to come, MXGM says that it will have to initiated by the oppressed.

Bro. Akuno blogs at Navigating the Storm and he is an "Organizer, Agitator, and trying to be an Organic Intellectual".

Free All Political Prisoners, Free The Land!

Listen directly to the program here

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