Thursday, December 20, 2018

Transformative Cities 2019 Edition: Open Call (Video)

Transformative Cities is an opportunity for progressive local governments, municipalist coalitions, social movements and civil society organizations to popularize and share their experiences of building solutions to our planet’s systemic economic, social, political and ecological crisis.

Kali Akuno spoke on behalf of Cooperation Jackson at the 2018 Transformative Cities event which was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in June of 2018.

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Alison said...

I am wondering if you are aware of the connection between predatory social impact investing and "green" initiatives being rolled out in response to the UN's Sustainable Development goals. I just read your interview in MR online from December. You are totally correct in your analysis. Unfortunately, most people do not yet have IXO foundation on their radar. UN SDG 4 is education and people are being incorporated into the "social impact" investment value chain via ICT digital education and "poverty management" services tied to digital identity systems. There is a proof of concept, Amply, developed by IXO and used on low-income preschool children in Cape Town, South Africa. But I have heard that people in Philadelphia where I live have been briefed on this app and it will be rolled out more broadly soon, I think, tied to universal pre-k programs. I write about it here: and here and here on use of digital ID on refugees and un-housed populations in the US I have been watching from afar and I am concerned about what is happening with the Kellogg Foundation and also the UBI pilot. I think you all are being set up. The living lab for much of this was the Harlem Children Zone via Robin Hood Foundation money (Paul Tudor Jones, hedge funder who got his start-I kid you not-in cotton futures trading). There is a reason they want to contain what is happening in Jackson. Please, looking into pay for success contracting. It links to "human capital management" AND "green" initiatives. All of it data driven and linked to increased surveillance of oppressed communities under the guise of benevolence. Thanks.